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About RedBeard Bowfishing

Our favorite thing about Redbeard Bowfishing is that we get to share a special experience that our guests might never get the chance to try or enjoy. It's so amazing to see when someone shoots their first fish and when our guests enjoy the beauty of the Wisconsin River!


Besides sharing our experience, we also fish to remove as many carp or other undesirable fish from the river as possible.  We are arming you to be the saviors of the native fish population. The more we take out the healthier the river will be!


We are proud to share our river with you and your families! 


Our Fishing Destination

The Wisconsin River is home to beautiful, unique sandstone cliffs, rock formations and canyons formed during the last ice age. The sites are breathtaking and something you've never seen before. Not to mention, the area is home to unique plant and wildlife, and of course - big fish!


Our fishing spots are located on the Upper Dells, above the dam. Our guides are locals, experiences in navigating the waters and currents. While on the tour, we will show you unique rock formations, share more info about the area and catch those big fish! 

Our Reely Passionate Crew

Our Captain

Redbeard aka Dennis Mitchell

Dennis' love for fishing is what got him into bowfishing and his friend Dan Schultz. Dennis has fished his entire life ever since he could bait a hook.  He has four children that he loves to spend time with swimming, fishing or just relaxing near a fire. His passion for fishing and bowfishing is contagious. You can bet when going bowfishing with Redbeard you will be making a friend for life!


Fish to Shoot

The most common fish we shoot are - 

  • Common Carp

  • Buffalo Fish

  • Quillback

  • Suckers

  • Sheepshead

  • Bowfin

  • Channel Catfish

  • Flathead Catfish

See What Our Guests Had to Say

Was an absolute blast! Brent was our guide and he has by far the best eye for seeing fish I have ever seen! On the ride to the fishing locations he told us about the history of the river, past fishing experiences, and even some ghost stories. Once we got to the locations he gave us pointers and helped track down some fish. I would highly recommend doing this!!

Korinee C

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